Page spreads from Mediæval in Padua
Swan & Hoop is an ongoing project to document non-typographic letter forms. The principle artifact of the project is a serial publication. Edited, designed, and realized by Russell Maret, each issue of the publication focuses on a specific place or theme. Issue 1, Mediæval in Padua, was completed in August of this year. Issue 2, Lettered in Lucca, is in the works and scheduled for publication next Spring.In addition to the books, an online database of images is in development. The photographic plates from Padua will be posted to the database shortly. The plates from Lettered in Lucca will be added upon publication. Gradually, the database will include translations of the inscriptions, etc. so that the letter forms may be studied for both their form and their content. If you are interested in donating a translation, please email Russell. Although the focus of Swan & Hoop is non-typographic letter forms, the intention of the study is to inform a broader view of typographic potential. To that end, each book involves the development of new typefaces. For Mediæval in Padua, Russell produced a new digital cutting of John Baskerville’s Great Primer typeface for the text, as well as a skeletal Round Gothic alphabet complete with all variant forms observed in Padua for scholarly setting. The Swan & Hoop Typefoundry will open in 2009.